Here we are in late May. Of course, we were treated to a couple weeks of stellar weather then shunted back to the Spring rains for a while…easing back into the sunny days of late Spring just in time for the weekend. Digging is a pleasure in the days following the rains, at least for me.

Thankfully, the warm air has stuck around keeping the world safe for tomatoes, peppers and basils. Marigolds dot the landscape as Dahlias peek through the strata and begin their journey sunward. Peonies are exploding all over town soon to fill the air with that dreamy scent.


Tool Spotlight: Japanese Hori Hori

The Japanese Hori Hori is one of the most useful and versatile tools you can use in the garden.  I find it to be the most effective tool to remove weeds in a hurry and aerate soil. It’s thick blade is durable enough to cut through sod & roots, dig & pry, cut Dahlia tubers and still gentle enough to unearth plants for transplant.


The word “Hori” (ホリ) means “to dig” in Japanese and “hori-hori” ist he onomatopoeia for a digging sound. (source: Wikipedia.com)