Autumn Rains Last Until Those Of Spring

These are the times that try the gardeners soul. Every once and a while, I’ll peer through the blinds or open the door and decide I’d rather stay dry. I’d like to be out rooting around and tending to the greens and such, but I’m more likely to sit inside and read about it. I’ve been drinking tea and reading a fine book called Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History. I recommend it!

Still, there’s always something to do out there. Late Winter and early Spring are excellent times for transplanting. New little weeds sprout up, mostly Cress and Fireweed. I like them well enough, as far as weeds go. They are certainly better than other weeds that might appear in their absence and I think it’s better to have something in the soil than nothing at all.

February is a great time to gather your seeds together, make new garden beds, amend soils (add lime, etc.) and plan what to grow and where.

Keep in mind general sunshine patterns in your yard to optimise growth cycles. Many plants will be ready to germinate in the weeks to come. Of course, the hot sun plants will need a more hospitable climate to grow.


Lloop “Autumn Rains Last Until Those Of Spring”